Frequently asked questions


How long do Gelato Time products last?
Gelato Time guarantees a minimum 2 month shelf life when our customers receive Gelato Flavour Liquid Packs, however our products have a 12 months shelf life from date of manufacture.

Gelato Flavour Liquid Packs are best stored refrigerated (2-4 degrees) or at room temperature (below 22 Degrees) out of direct sunlight. Once opened, Gelato Flavour Liquid Packs must be stored in refrigerator (2-4 degrees) for up to 4 days.

Are Gelato Time products Italian?
Yes. They are made 100% in Italy. All Gelato Time Flavour Packs are produced using only the best Italian raw materials, starting from fresh Northern Italian Mountain milk to the ingredients used in the preparation of the different flavours available.

How are Gelato Time packs shipped?
All Gelato Time products are shipped in their UHT packaging at room temperature.

Can the products be prepared only with the Cuisinart Cool Scoops machine?
Gelato Time has tested many models of Gelato/Ice Cream Makers. Cuisineart Cool Scoops machine yields best results. Other machines may be used however results will vary.

Gelato Time recommends only using Cuisineart Cool Scoops machine.

Do I need to add additional ingredients to prepare Gelato Time products?
All ingredients to make Gelato are in a Gelato Time Flavour Pack! No need to measure anything! GT Flavour Packs products are ready to use, simply open, pour and serve!

Is it necessary to put the bowl in the freezer or does the gelato maker do everything by itself?
The bowl of the machine must absolutely be frozen before each use. To do this it is necessary to store it, for a time equal to or greater than 24 hours, in the coldest part of a freezer that reaches a temperature of at least - 18 °.

It is advisable to keep the bowl of the machine, when unused, in the freezer to find it ready when you need it – Best kept in a plastic bag to stop it from getting freezer burn or other food objects contaminating the bowl.

Can the Gelato Maker bowl be washed in the dishwasher?
No. Do not wash any parts of the gelato maker in the dishwasher. Wait for the bowl to reach room temperature before attempting to clean it.

How much gelato does it make one Gelato Time pack?
Each flavour varies - 1l of a Gelato Time flavour pack makes approximately 1.25l to 1.5l of Gelato.

What will I find inside the packages?
Inside each package in addition to the gelato machine you will find a serving spatula, a foam container and, depending on the selected package option, 3, 6 or 10 liquid packs.

Ripples and inclusions will be included in the Gelato Time Lover and Gelato Time Pro packages.


To buy a product on our site :
1. Within the shop section, select the packages or individual products you want.
2. Add the products in the cart and click on next.
3. Complete the module information to create an account.
4. Indicate the shipping information in case that it is a different address from your account.
5. Select the delivery option and payment method.
6. Check that all the information is correct and click on buy. Within the next few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order.


Can I cancel my order?
The order can be canceled only if it has not been processed, otherwise please contact us on and we will let you know the best way to proceed.

Can I add or eliminate items from my order?
The order can be changed only if done before processing, otherwise you must make the return process and create a new order.

How do promotional codes work?
Once the selection of items has been made and the information module is completed at the top left, there is the option to insert the coupon code and click on the apply option, in this way the coupon will automatically be applied in your final account.


Payment methods:
Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, GPay and Apple Pay methods are available.
Paypal: The payment will be processed once the order is completed

Why can't I complete my order?
Check your data has been inputted correctly, if the problem persists, please contact your bank.

Can I receive the invoice?
Yes. Once data input is completed and your order has been processed, the invoice will be sent in the next few days by email. The invoice will be made only if it´s requested before sending the order.

Once the order has been confirmed, the billing information can’t be modified.


Times and shipping costs
Delivery will be made within office hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday excluding holidays, if the order cannot be delivered to your home, it will be delivered to the nearest logistics and shipping company.

GT Delivery service is outsourced therefore we cannot change shipping and delivery times. The expected delivery times are between 3 and 5 working days once the transfer confirmation has arrived, notwithstanding courier delays or delays due to Covid and peak delivery periods (e.g. Christmas etc.)

Where is my order?
You can check the status of your order, copying the order number you received in your confirmation email.

Can I choose day and / or delivery time?
It is not possible to choose the delivery time, but you can try to contact the logistics company directly indicating the confirmation code of your order.

I have not yet received my order. What should i do?
If the order has not been received within the expected delivery date, we suggest you:
1. Check the status of your order by entering your order number found on your confirmation email
2. Verify that the shipping address is correct
3. Contact logistics company to verify the status of your delivery

Return policy
We invite you to read our return policy for more information. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page.