Watch this VIDEO before you get started:

Pro Tips

• Do not stop Gelato Maker until gelato is ready – the constant moving of the paddle prevents the mixture from freezing and sticking to the inside of the bowl

• Gelato Freezer Bowl can only be used once per day (24 hrs)

• Once Gelato is ready, work quickly to scrape gelato off paddle and out of bowl

• Refrigerate Gelato Flavour Packs for a minimum of 6 hours before using (this will shorten churning time)

• Shake Gelato Flavour Packs well before use

• Store Gelato Flavour Packs in refrigerator or to cooler room temperature location – do not store in warm location

• The consistency of freshly churned gelato is like soft serve. For a firmer texture place gelato in storage container and then place in freezer for 30 mins before serving

• Add Inclusions or Ripples when Gelato is Freshly Churned (it’s easier to ‘work’ with the gelato) adding them in between layers of Gelato (See prepare video)

• Gelato Time has tested many models of Gelato Makers. Cuisineart Cool Scoops machine yields best results. Other machines may be used (results will vary), however Gelato Time recommends only using Cuisineart Cool Scoops machine